Unity Dialogue & March

Unity Dialogue & March

August 20, 2017

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Marching into Freedom Isn’t Comfortable

Marching for #Unity in 95 degree heat isn’t easy or comfortable. Then again, neither is trudging through the untamed forest, swamps and icy rivers. Or evading the bounty hunter’s pistols and clubs that were waiting for Saint Harriet during her many #passages from the #southern states of #slavery up to the #promiseland. It was the Great #Spirit and her patchwork #quilt of #undergroundrailroad fighters that brought many into #freedom in those days. It’s no different today with regards to that. But as far as the #consciousness is concerned, seems people now are mistaken that they’re #free when they really aren’t. #Marching for what you believe in takes #courage. Some folks are born with it. Some folks just been kicked too many times to live life any other way. And I intend to live #activism

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