Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create compelling, documentary style digital media featuring community leaders, social influencers, artists, and activist; to seed a Wikipedia model of culturally sustainable educational content. Our original content focuses on trending topics around race, diversity, inclusion, and access to opportunity. 

We envision a world where digital content is used more intentionally to connect youth to social movements by encouraging them to develop a level of civic engagement and research through comments that can improve the quality of dialogue across difference. Through our media content, we strive to create a world more capable of communicating across difference by cultivating cross-sectional alliances with social influencers, artists, students, and educators. We use our digital content as a vehicle for transformation by intentionally bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the table while challenging the singular narrative that we find in most mainstream news and media sources. 

About the Founder

Quentin Williams- Executive Director, Saint Harriet Equation

Named as one of the Leaders Under 40 by Community Building Initiative, Quentin is committed to community organizing. Quentin is the Marketing Director of a cluster of station for America’s largest black owned and operated broadcasting company. In his spare time, he hosts the Saint Harriet Equation online talk show intended to teach students dialogue skills which strengthen their ability to communicate across difference.

As an activist and social entrepreneur, Quentin strives to unify diverse groups using dialogue. In this way, group learning and transformative experiences are made possible.

Quentin focuses on telling the stories of activists, artists and social influencers who are engaging the community. He documents and shares their stories through a collaborative video project called “Saint Harriet Speaks”. Every story is a patch in the American quilt. Every voices matters.  

Quentin passion for media has it’s roots in the public education system where he was a standout contributor to his high school news program. High school is also where Quentin found his voice as an activist. He was the key organizer in a student walkout focusing on the institutional racism as covered by the New York Times in an article title “The Segregated Classrooms of a Proudly Diverse School“. Over the last decade, he has worked at such major publications as Two.One.Five. Magazine (Philadelphia) and GIANT Magazine (NYC). He has worked for national TV & radio networks including WABC and the Fox Business Network.

Learn more about the origins of Saint Harriet Equation in our blog post What is the Saint Harriet Equation.

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