About Last Night

Last night was such an amazing, mind blowing experience! I never would have imagined that I’d get such a strong, positive reaction from the crowd. This feeling didn’t just come from empty words. It came from everyone’s participation.

When my Aunt Carol and I sat down to draw out the structure for the night, we initially envisioned just me up there under the spotlight performing a bunch of pieces from the upcoming stage production of Saint Harriet. But then I thought about it. The reason why I wrote many of these pieces is because I had voices chattering incessantly inside my head that were refusing to quiet down unless I released them as ink on the page. Part of my secret desire was that these voices would be powerful enough to awaken the restless spirits that the audience members harbored with themselves. I desired for the audience to have a reaction. How else would I know if they were having a reaction unless I asked them.

So we decided the day of the event to change the format from a strict performance to a call-and-response- dialogue. Select poems from the Saint Harriet play were used as a catalyst to spark conversation and boy did we ever talk! The conversation grew. The ideas bounced across the room, twisting and turn and metamorphosing right before our eyes as people of different backgrounds, races, genders and ages discussed the topics introduced by Marquis Love (our special guest poet) and myself.

Such a rewarding experience to have these poems and monologues inspire such deep and profound thought. Thank you so much to everyone who attended our intimate, stripped down performance. Your words, ideas and financial support have energized me in a magical way. My heart is so full of gratitude as I write out these thank you cards. You are AMAZING!

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